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Home Article Super easy Amazon Echo Auto setup method!If you have this, you can use "Alexa" not only at "car" but also at home

Super easy Amazon Echo Auto setup method!If you have this, you can use "Alexa" not only at "car" but also at home

 Super easy Amazon Echo Auto setup method!If you have this, you can use "Alexa" not only at "car" but also at home

Amazon's "Echo Auto" released on September 30th. The actual machine arrived the other day, and we immediately conducted an opening review. I was surprised at the "smallness" and "lightness" beyond my imagination. That should be it, "Echo Auto" does not have "Alexa" built-in. This time, I would like to explain how to set up "Echo Auto", including the differences from other "Echo" devices.

First of all, the first thing I want to do so as not to get confused later is the connection with the "car stereo". When connecting with the included "AUX cable", connect with "Echo Auto" and "car stereo", and when connecting with Bluetooth, connect with "smartphone" and "car stereo" instead of "Echo Auto" and "car stereo". Please connect.

Next, set up "Smartphone" and "Echo Auto". Please install the "Alexa app" on your "smartphone" in advance. After opening the "Alexa app", select "Add device" in the "Other" item.

Select "Amazon Echo" from "Device type to set up".

Select "Echo Auto" as the device to set up.

The following warning screen will appear, so read the contents and continue.

Attach the attached holder to the air conditioner air outlet, and attach "Echo Auto" to the holder (magnet type). Next, insert the included DCUSB charger into the car's cigar socket, connect "Echo Auto" and the DCUSB charger with the "USB charging cable", and then proceed.

If the "smartphone" correctly recognizes "Echo Auto", it will be displayed in "Detected devices". In my case, it is "Echo Auto 00TT". If you don't see "Echo Auto" here, disconnect the "USB Charging Cable", wait about 30 seconds, and then reconnect. Select when "Echo Auto" is displayed correctly.

A confirmation screen will appear, so check the "Terms of Service" and proceed to the next.

Select "Pair" on the Bluetooth pairing screen.

Select "OK" when checking the connection between "Smartphone" and "Echo Auto".

If "Car Stereo" and "Smartphone" are connected via Bluetooth, select "Yes" on the screen below.

Next, check the connection with the "car stereo". When you press the play icon twice as much as the connection is made correctly, a confirmation sound will be heard from the connected "Car Stereo". If you cannot hear the sound, check if the volume is set to "0". If you hear a confirmation sound, go to the next step. When you hear "Setup is complete", you're done.

Normally, in order to operate "Alexa" on a "smartphone", it is necessary to keep the "Alexa app" open on the screen. The only voice assistant function that can be activated by "Wake Word" is "Google Assist" or "Siri".

However, when the setting of "Echo Auto" is completed, "Alexa" will operate in the background by talking to "Echo Auto" even if the screen other than "Alexa app" is open on the "smartphone" or the screen is closed. It will be like.

It should not be possible to operate "Alexa" while opening "Google Maps" in a normal car, but it becomes possible by introducing "Echo Auto". You will definitely feel that it has become "convenient" only after you actually use it.

Also, if you don't have an "Echo device" at home, you'll need to open the app each time you operate Alexa. It's quite annoying, isn't it? If you remove "Echo Auto" from the magnet holder and set it up on your home speaker, you can use "Alexa" as much as you want without opening the app even in the house. "Echo Auto" can actually be used not only in "cars" but also in "houses". It is also a point to drive with not only "outlet" but also "mobile battery". It's a good idea, so let's make the most of it!

What is written in the article

超簡単なAmazon Echo Autoセットアップ方法!これさえあれば『車』だけじゃなく家でも『Alexa』が使い放題

Why Rakuten Mobile, Ymobile, and UQ Mobile are definitely recommended for Amazon Echo Auto.

Alexa supports major popular music distribution services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and AWA, so people who are already members of one of the services and are traveling by car. Let's buy "Echo Auto". The cost performance of the "all-you-can-listen" subscription service will not improve unless you spend more time listening.

However, if you have "Echo Auto" and a smartphone, you will not be able to play news or listen to music. What is absolutely necessary is an "Internet communication environment". Of course, you can't use the optical line at home in the car, so most people will inevitably use the tethering function of their smartphones. Music consumes a considerable amount of data, so if you're not careful, you may be hit by a "traffic limit" with a single drive.

I would like to recommend using "Echo Auto" with a SIM card that supports "low speed maximum 1Mbps" communication. Here are the plans and usage charges of the three recommended companies that support "low speed maximum 1Mbps". A cheaper plan than the one below is also offered, but be careful as it does not support "low speed maximum 1Mbps".

Rakuten Mobile's greatest strength is that the usage charges for "communication" and "calling" are free for the first 3 million people for one year. However, since the Rakuten line area is not so widespread yet, I don't think we can receive such a big benefit in terms of "high-speed communication". The rest is shortly after the service started, so the overall unstable situation is also a bottleneck.

Ymobile has a discount for the first 6 months. From the 7th month, a normal usage fee of 3,680 yen (tax included: 4,048 yen) will be incurred. However, the high-speed communication capacity is "10GB" and the phone comes with "10 minutes all-you-can-eat" as standard, so it is attractive that no more charges will be incurred if you use it in a general way.

UQ Mobile has a plan content that is quite similar to Ymobile. Pricing is a bit low, but there is no discount for the first 6 months and "Unlimited Calling" is not included in the basic rate. UQ Mobile is recommended because the total cost for two years will be lower if you do not use the phone very often.

What all three companies have in common is that you can get a big discount if you make a SIM contract and purchase a smartphone at the same time. The only chance to buy a smartphone at a low price is when you sign up for a SIM, so if you are thinking of changing your model, switch your smartphone at the same time. Definitely a good deal.

Click here for recommended music distribution services

How to shop at Amazon

To purchase the best deals on Amazon, first use "Amazon Charge (cash payment)" to purchase an Amazon Gift Certificate. If you use Amazon on a daily basis, you can quickly digest your Amazon Gift Certificate. Click here for details on point back.

The larger the amount charged at one time, the higher the point redemption rate, and you can receive a "2.5%" redemption at MAX. If you charge 90,000 yen, you will get points equivalent to "2,250 yen". This is pretty big.

And my complete blind spot was joining the Amazon Mastercard Classic. Why didn't Amazon use "Rakuten Card" when it was taken for granted at Rakuten? "Amazon Mastercard Classic" will give you "5,000 points" (it seems that there are times when it is 2,000 points) just by joining.

Furthermore, every time you shop at Amazon, you will get "2%" points. If you go to the "Amazon Mastercard Classic" application page, you will see how many points you have accumulated if you have been shopping with "Amazon Mastercard Classic" in the past 12 months. In my case, "If you used Amazon Mastercard Classic for your last 12 months of shopping, you've earned up to 8,762 points. "When···. I don't remember shopping so much, but I'm disappointed that I've accumulated so many points ... or I've lost it.

If you don't want to feel the same as me, sign up for Amazon Mastercard Classic now and get 5,000 points. And from now on, let's get a solid 2% reduction. "Amazon Charge (cash payment)" returns up to 2.5%, and "Amazon Mastercard Classic" returns 2%, so if you use them properly depending on what you buy, you can maintain the maximum return rate.

If you receive points equivalent to "2,250 yen" with "Amazon Charge (cash payment)" and get "5,000 points" with "Amazon Mastercard Classic" registration, you can receive a total discount equivalent to "7,250 yen". .. You can buy something that is one rank higher than your budget!

"Rakuten UN-LIMIT" is free for one year for the first 3 million people. Other points can be redeemed!

"Rakuten UN-LIMIT" is limited to the first 3 million people, and services such as "Unlimited data usage anywhere in Japan" and "Unlimited domestic calls" will be provided free of charge for one year. Regarding "Unlimited data usage anywhere in Japan", you can use high-speed communication as long as you are in the Rakuten line area (see HP for details), and you can use high-speed communication up to 5GB in the partner area (au line) outside the Rakuten line area. Don't worry if 5GB isn't enough. Even if you use up 5GB, you can continue to use all-you-can-use data at a maximum speed of 1Mbps.

To use "Unlimited domestic calls", you need an app called "Rakuten Link". It was delivered only on Android, but it is finally compatible with iOS. Now you can use it on your iPhone.

In addition, we are implementing a limited campaign called "3,000 points gift" if you sign up online, and "full point return" for the administrative fee incurred at the time of application. It means that you can get 3,000 points just by applying.

Furthermore, if you copy the "Rakuten Mobile ID" below and enter it at the time of contract, you will receive an additional "2,000 points".

Copy Rakuten Mobile ID

This Rakuten Mobile ID is given when you sign up for "Rakuten UN-LIMIT". If you introduce someone using that Rakuten Mobile ID, you can earn up to 15,000 points (for 5 people) as pocket money.

However, this "Rakuten UN-LIMIT" can only be used for one year free of charge for the "first 3 million people". There is also a sense of security that "if you are not satisfied, you can cancel for free", and applications are flooding. When the number of people exceeds 3 million, the monthly plan usage fee will be 2,980 yen. The current return campaign will probably end. This can only be done in a hurry.

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