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Better than AirPods Pro (Affirmation) "Jabra Elite 85t" Review

Jabra has done it too! Jabra's Elite lineup was a staple product that always came out as a purchase option for Bluetooth earphones, but due to the recent intensifying competition in the earphone industry, multifunctional earphones are becoming more and more low-priced ...


Ideal for telework! Huawei's complete wireless earphone "FreeBuds Pro" that can be easily switched by pairing two smartphones and PCs at the same time

Many business people are working hard on telework because the new coronavirus is more violent than last year, such as the announcement of a second state of emergency. I want to listen to music while working from home, earphones for online meetings ...


HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 Earphones 7/30 on sale!Open type, equipped with high-performance noise canceling, to the area of ​​higher sound quality

The world of earphones developed by each company, which is largely divided into open type (open type) and canal type. Huawei Japan will release the latest model of open type (open type) wireless earphones on July 30th. Open type and hybrid acty ...


Huawei's 5G smartphone, HiSilicon parts alone make up 50%: New Asian trends explored by product disassembly (42) (1/3 page)

↑↑↑ >>> To the serialization list <<< ↑↑↑ <In 2019, 5G (5th generation mobile communication) smartphone terminals are being released one after another by each company. We have already received about 10 models of 5G smartphones and are in the process of disassembling and analyzing them. ...


10 tips to get the most out of Google Auto

Let's use it! It's been over 6 years since Google's Android Auto was released. Do you guys use it? Are you mastering it? If you are using Android 10 or above, it is built into the OS. Android 9 and below users ...


Raspberry Pi Foundation announces new product "Raspberry Pi Build HAT" on October 19, 2021, considering handling at Switch Science Web Shop Corporate release

Category: Product Service Release Publisher: Switch Science Co., Ltd. On October 19, 2021, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new product "Raspberry Pi Build HAT" in collaboration with LEGO (R) Education. "Raspb ...


Increased versions of Windows Subsystem for Linux and USB device connection possible

The preview version of WSL is also available in the Microsoft store. Organize the versions there. If you install the preview version of WSL published in the Microsoft store, you can use the --version option for the wsl.exe command ...


How does artificial intelligence acquire ego? : New issue "Philosophy School for Artificial Intelligence" Zero Night (Part 2)

Click here for the first part. Click here for the second part of the new book "Philosophy School for Artificial Intelligence" Zero Night (Part 1). "Does artificial intelligence want the body ?: New issue" Philosophy School for Artificial Intelligence "Zero Night (Part 2)" *** "Artificial Intelligence ...


"Three eyes" will change your photo! --Huawei's latest smartphone "HUAWEI P30" thorough review

Speaking of Huawei's "P" series, it is a popular model that has gained a lot of support mainly from photography lovers because it has a good reputation for cameras jointly developed with German long-established optical equipment maker Leica. The latest model "HUAWEI P30" is a camera for sale ...


Bluetooth turns on without permission! The cause and simple remedy [FAQ]

Bluetooth that should have been turned off occasionally turns on or off without permission. Has that happened on your smartphone? However, it is not a psychic phenomenon! …maybe. Aside from the psychic phenomenon, Android 7.0 ...


From the hustle and bustle to a "quiet different world"!The industry's best noise canceling earphones change everyday life

Noise canceling earphones that are popular because they can reduce ambient noise and concentrate on music even when crowded. Huawei's "HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro" introduced in this article is the industry's highest class (* 1) "maximum -40dB" (* 2) noise ...


Mouse, keyboard, backpack, HUAWEI release the latest items that support a comfortable PC life

"Mouse, keyboard, and backpack" that provides a comfortable working environment Huawei Japan has improved the convenience of using PCs, such as "HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse 2nd Generation", "HUAWEI Ultrathin Keyboard", and "HUAWEI Classic .. ..


I tried screen sharing of smartphone with "Oculus Quest"

The Oculus Quest Oculus app that arrived the day after the release date requested a cast, and Oculus Quest is about to accept it. Both are icons with the text "Cast", but "Mirroring source" and "Mira ..."


[Convenient tech] 4 techniques that can be used to answer calls faster with Apple Watch than iPhone

● Answering a call on Apple Watch Apple Watch incoming call screen During a call ① When an incoming call arrives on the iPhone, the Apple Watch screen also changes to an incoming call, so tap the green icon ② You can make a call as it is ● iPhone without switching to the answering machine You can get out with ...


I tried a genuine Sony smartphone controller that implements the experience of Xperia Ear on my car

* Weekly Risky is a very enthusiastic corner that delivers information from the intersection of technology and subculture from a "naughty digital" perspective. Please be careful if you are new to us. Actually, I announced it with Ear ...