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"HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick" Lipstick type complete wireless earphones may be given to important people!As a reward for yourself

2022 is about to begin, and more and more days will be celebrated at the milestones of important people, such as Coming-of-Age Day, Valentine's Day, White Day, and graduation ceremonies. At such times, I am worried about the gifts I hand over with "Congratulations" and "Thank you". This time,"...


Also for long-term trips and expedition drives! HUAWEI WATCH FIT new is more colorful and pop, and has more functions such as GPS

Huawei Japan's latest smartwatch model "HUAWEI WATCH FIT new" is light in terms of data and physicality, and it is good to move smoothly. Its lightness is impressive even during sports, but it weighs only about 34g (including the belt ...


Import contact information into Mate 30 Pro

Mate 30 Pro is now compatible with LINE! Since the standard vCard method of contact information was "iOS contacts", I thought too much about the Android device. Importing and exporting contact data is the setting of the "Contacts" app ...


Let's develop programming thinking with parents and children! Magnet type rail block "Qbi Toy" that adults will be absorbed in

This is an article from the Mediagene Commerce Team. Reprinted from Lifehacker [Japan Version]: Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathmetics. Consisting of these acronyms, in recent years ...


"HUAWEI Band 4e" review that analyzes training data by attaching it to shoes [Today's life hack tool]

Cospa is good. It's not just that fitness band. This time, I was able to try HUAWEI's new fitness band "HUAWEI Band 4e" which can be purchased for about 3000 yen (tax included), so I will use it for a week ...


Huawei's smart glasses "Eyewear II" review, higher sound quality than imagined and minimal sound leakage

HUAWEI x GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II The biggest feature of HUAWEI x GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II (hereinafter referred to as Eyewear II) is the design that looks like ordinary glasses. Smart glasses are not only speaker units but also digital devices ...


SIM lock will be abolished on smartphones of major carriers from October! What are the benefits and precautions?

Did you know that SIM lock has been abolished in principle for smartphones sold by major carriers from October 1, 2021? SIM lock is abolished in principle on smartphones of major carriers! SIM lock will be abolished on smartphones of major carriers from October! Once a major company ...


Try the HUAWEI MatePad T10s, which is a big success in interview sites and Shinkansen green cars as a telework companion.

Mr. Mitsuhiro Okada, CEO of Kuroneko Cube, an author and professional worker of "Ultra-fast PC work technique" and "Waste removal picture book of work", actually touched "HUAWEI MatePad T10s" which he bought on his own because he felt "this is good". What I felt when I tried it was "finishing ...


Is 480 yen a month profitable? I tried the cheapest "Voice plan" on Apple Music for a week

Apple Music's new service "Voice Plan" with an optimized interface for Siri is now available. Three features of the newly established Voice plan that compared the usability with the existing personal plan ・ The user interface has been optimized for Siri ...


Huawei Exhibits Autonomous Driving Technology and Intelligent Cockpit

<09:00 HUAWEI exhibited an intelligent automotive solution at IAA Mobility 2021. Huawei's full-stack autonomous driving solution "ADS" enables autonomous driving in passenger cars ...


How to solve the lack of space on your smartphone full of photos and videos for free

"LINE album function" is easy if you want to save and share photos with your friends. "Google Photos" is convenient if you want to keep all your photos and videos "for the time being" Live media creator Noda Takeo (Twitter: @noda)


Gaming mice such as ASUS, HUAWEI, Razer are bargain at "Amazon first sale"


HUAWEI WATCH 3 adds features such as SMS message reply hand wash detection map app!Masahiro Mizuno also recommends that "diet, exercise, sleep, and stress care can be visualized."

Huawei Japan's latest smartwatch "HUAWEI WATCH 3", which is recommended by the representative of Health Management School Masahiro Mizuno in "How to use the latest smartwatch for health management to improve work performance", has evolved again. HU ...


With "Mi 10 Lite 5G XIG01", you can start au 5G for less than 50,000 yen

Xiaomi challenges the domestic market with "reasonable prices" <In addition to the enforcement of the revised Telecommunications Business Law in 2019, the domestic mobile market is not in a very favorable condition due to the influence of the Korona-ka from around March this year. 5G, which was launched by three major companies in March this year ...


When you get in the car, the song "Music" will be played without permission !? --Why the iPhone can't be heard anymore?

The appeal and strength of the iPhone is that you can understand how to use it without reading the manual. However, there are times when you think you know it but you don't understand it correctly. In this corner, it's easy to understand "why the iPhone can't be heard anymore" ...