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[Cheap smartphone summary] Rakuten, Softbank, which officially admits the problem of incoming call failure on iPhone, also started carrying mail

Incoming call failure problem on Rakuten + iPhone, which has been reported on SNS for a long time Officially announced as failure information Softbank officially announced that there is an example of incoming call failure on Rakuten + iPhone also started carrying mail after cancellation Vodafone and WILLCOM. ..


Firmly appeal to turn and stop!I tried a smart helmet that can reduce the danger at night

This is an article from the Mediagene Commerce Team. Reprinted from Lifehacker [Japan Version] Appeal firmly even in the dark! When driving a bicycle, be careful about accidents caused by jumping out or coming into contact with a car. Especially at night ...


UHA Mikakuto x College Student Collaboration Event Held Corporate Release

Category: Event Release Publisher: UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.-Thinking about how to promote sweets from a student's perspective-UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Yasumasa Yamada) is a faculty of business administration at Kinki University. CEO ...


What is the power of "Xiaomi", the world's fourth-largest Chinese manufacturer in the smartphone market, which cannot be understood from the media alone?

■ Cospa seemed to be the strongest, but! ?? Mi December 9th last year. In recent months, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which has been rumored to be expanding into Japan, has officially announced its expansion into Japan. The first smartphone to be introduced is equipped with a five-lens lens ...


You can also enjoy the AR function! How easy is Xiaomi's portable photo printer?

Mi portable photo printer. You can print photos directly from your smartphone I tried the "Mi Portable Photo Printer" released by Xiaomi on June 4th. The aircraft is simply from a smartphone ...


Try HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro for more than a week in a row

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro (46mm / Night Black) Continue to use for about 1 week and the battery level is about 25% The charging adapter is equipped with a Type-C terminal <During continuous use for 1 week, GT 2 Pro has heart rate and Stress measurement, automatic workout detection ...


Huawei, wide LCD display with integrated sound bar "Mate View GT"

Huawei Japan will release "Display 23.8" as a new liquid crystal display product from July 23, "Mate View" from August 20, and "Mate View GT" from September 10. Below, all expected actual selling prices.・ "Display 23.8" including tax ...


HUAWEI P20 Pro camera ○ and ×

The sharpness of the night view photos that can take beautiful pictures of the sky and the sea is impressive. There are two power saving modes that make the food that has received a lot of likes on Instagram bright and delicious. In "ultra power saving mode" that minimizes the functions that can be used ...


Kenji Nomura explains the charm of HUAWEI FreeBuds system! What are the latest trends and points to choose for completely wireless earphones?

"The price of less than 10,000 yen is a perfect capture of the characteristics of the Japanese market." For headphones and earphones, we listened to more than 300 products a year for more than 10 years, and based on reviews backed by data. Audi who gathers support ...


Touch ID (fingerprint authentication) on iPhone makes it easy to purchase from the App Store or iTunes Store

May 27, 2015 19:00 Update ● Sato ■ How to easily purchase at Apple Store or iTunes Store using Touch ID (fingerprint authentication) * Verified with iOS 8.3. ■ iOS Tips I want to read together Automatic update of iPhone application is only for WiFi ...


What is the best way to listen to music on your smartphone by car? Compare Bluetooth, USB, FM transmitters and more!

How to listen to music on your smartphone by car? The smartphone that most people use now. Smartphones are useful not only for daily life and work, but also for driving, such as giving cars a function that allows car manufacturers to link with smartphones.


[Amazon Time Sale Festival] The latest Anker large-capacity mobile battery is 3,192 yen, smart tracker is 1,782 yen, etc.

Amazon is holding the "Amazon Time Sale Festival" until 23:59 on October 31, 2021. The last day of today! At the time sale where many popular items are on sale daily and hourly, the latest Anker large capacity mob ...


Do you know the fastest way to enter the key brackets "" on your iPhone?

June 04, 2015 09:00 Update: ● Tsubasa * Verified with iOS 8.3. ■ iOS Tips I want to read together How to reset the predictive conversion of iPhone and delete words that you do not want to see Review the keyboard settings of iPhone and enter quickly ...


Programming + TK-80, PC-8001, NEC's personal computer started from such a coincidence "When an innovative market appears, it is best to be involved in it when 80% of the people concerned are against it. It's the timing of

TK-80 The driving force behind the spread of microcomputer technology throughout Japan-Kazuya Watanabe Kazuya Watanabe Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1931. He graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi. Joined NEC in 1965. He was mainly involved in the development and manufacturing of ICs and LSIs, and in 1976 he was a microcomputer ...


ASCII Store's Selection Adapter "LIHA05" that allows you to watch iPhone images on a big screen TV! For USB Type-C connection (released in early February)

[Early February] Achieves the highest definition depiction in the series! Adapter "LIHA05" that outputs iPhone video to a TV For Type C-Lightning cable connection [Early February] Achieves the highest definition depiction in the series! Adapter "L ..." that outputs video to TV