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ASCII Store's Selection A smartphone call recorder that can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth to make and record calls.

Doubles the data capacity and adds a date and time function! Automatically record calls with a Bluetooth connection! Smartphone call recorder StickPhone 8G Now on sale at the ASCII store, you can connect to a smartphone with Bluetooth to make a call or record the contents of the call. smartphone...


Explaining the "real burden" at the time of selling the iPhone 13 this year when the residual value setting type installment payment was introduced

Four models of the iPhone 13 series have been announced and are scheduled to be released on the 24th. Previously, it was common to purchase from the three major carriers of DoCoMo / au / Softbank (Rakuten Mobile also handles the latest iPhone from this year), but recently contracts ...


ASCII store's selection You can use the outlet in your car! You can charge your notebook PC / smartphone and use home appliances by car!

You can use the outlet in your car! You can charge your notebook PC / smartphone and use your home appliances in your car! Inver ...


Compare iPhone 13 series and past iPhones with detailed spec table!

Four models of the iPhone 13 series have finally been announced. It's a little disappointing that the status quo around Face ID was maintained, but we can see a big evolution beyond imagination, such as cameras, displays, and batteries. Here, starting with the iPhone 12 series, the past ...


How to change the color of documents scanned by iPhone and save

In the previous series, I introduced how to scan a document and import it to iPhone, but this time I will introduce how to change the color of the scanned document and where to save it. If you just want to take a picture with the camera, you can do it with the photo app, but ...


Bluetooth smartphone handset "mini R Phone" equipped with a camera is about 1400 yen

The Bluetooth-connected calling terminal "Mini R Phone" that can be used as a handset of a smartphone has arrived at Dospara Akihabara Annex. The seller is Tech and the price is 1408 yen. A smartphone with a Bluetooth connection that is perfect for a partner with a large screen smartphone ...


DIY attached the accessory for charging the smartphone on the bike to the CBR250RR

All seats of recent cars are equipped with a USB power terminal as standard equipment or as an option, and it is natural that smartphones can be charged. On the other hand, there are not many motorcycles that have a USB power supply terminal from the beginning. Honda's unfaithful beloved horse "C ...


I just got a large motorcycle license, but I tried smartphone cooperation with Honda "CB1000R"!

CB1000R (1,670,900 yen) As represented by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it is commonplace to connect a car and a smartphone to view navigation, music, and messages. So what about a motorcycle? It was my ...


Rakuten Mobile announces the problem of incoming call failure on iPhone as failure information

Rakuten Mobile announces the problem that incoming calls are failing as failure information for some iPhone users. It mainly occurs on the partner line (au network), and when it occurs, the power of the terminal and the airplane mode are turned on / ...


Jabra fully wireless earphones also cover calls and voice assistants

Pairing is as simple as pressing a button and selecting a device. The Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones I bought to listen to music on my iPhone XS. The connection with the iPhone and the communication between the left and right units are completely wireless, and the line is caught ...


A smartphone handset connected via Bluetooth is 1500 yen!

A Bluetooth-connected calling terminal "BT Miniphone" that can be used as a handset of a smartphone is on sale at Akibaoo-II. It is a prize product of Toshin Sangyo, and the price is as low as 1500 yen (excluding tax). You can take it out quickly and respond immediately ...


Super easy Amazon Echo Auto setup method!If you have this, you can use "Alexa" not only at "car" but also at home

Amazon's "Echo Auto" released on September 30th. The actual machine arrived the other day, and we immediately conducted an opening review. I was surprised at the "smallness" and "lightness" beyond my imagination. That should be it, "Echo Auto" does not have "Alexa" built-in. This time others ...


[Cheap smartphone summary] ahamo users can purchase terminals and change models at the docomo online shop

Even ahamo users can purchase a single device at the docomo online shop. You can choose from high-spec machines with only carriers to affordable models. Users who have already subscribed to ahamo can also change models. Optimized for docomo network ...


Huawei, a gaming mouse that supports wireless charging. Qi compatible mouse pad

Huawei Japan will release the wireless mouse "HUAWEI Wireless Mouse GT" for games and the wireless charging mouse pad "HUAWEI Wireless Charging Mouse Pad GT" on October 22nd. The price is open, but ...


Huawei "FreeBuds 4i". Wireless earphones with noise canceling function that cost less than 10,000 yen have a clean sound.Can be widely used from listening to music to business

Huawei announces new product in 2021. A full lineup of wireless earphones such as "FreeBuds 4i", wearable devices, and 10-inch size tablets --Stereo Sound ONLINEHUAWAI is a new product in 2021 6 ...