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Home Article Firmly appeal to turn and stop!I tried a smart helmet that can reduce the danger at night

Firmly appeal to turn and stop!I tried a smart helmet that can reduce the danger at night

 Firmly appeal to turn and stop!I tried a smart helmet that can reduce the danger at night

This is an article from the Mediagene Commerce Team.

Reprinted from Lifehacker [Japan Version]

Appeal firmly even in the dark!

When driving a bicycle, be careful about accidents caused by jumping out or coming into contact with a car. Especially at night, it is indispensable to use lights and reflectors to inform you of your position.

So this time, we will introduce the smart helmet "LIVALL EVO21" that seems to be useful for safe driving at night!

Equipped with an LED that illuminates 360 °, it is a product packed with functions that make bicycle movement safer, such as a direction of travel display and a brake light function.

It has a lot of functions such as fall detection by linking with the application, so we are delivering the impressions of actually using it!

Cool and convenient LED light

Once again, "LIVALL EVO21" is a smart helmet equipped with a 360 ° LED light.

The rear light on the back of the head lights up in orange, so even on a dark night road, it will let you know your existence.

You can also use the included remote control to indicate the direction you want to turn. The sequential type that is also installed in luxury cars is cool.

It is a difficult indication of the direction of travel on a bicycle, but it seems to help avoid contact with the car.

The wide-angle front light on the front lights up in white. This was also blinking in conjunction with the backlight.

The material used is polycarbonate, which has excellent impact dispersion, and a special impact-resistant liner.

I felt the consideration for safety, not just a shining helmet, from the quality of the product.

It looked a little heavy, but when I actually took it, it was light, and it was only 50g different from my own aero helmet.

曲がる止まるをしっかりアピール! 夜道での危険を減らせるスマートヘルメットを試してみた

I think that it is within the range that can be said to be sufficiently lightweight while having LED lights and communication functions.

Presence is important at night

The appearance at dusk looks like this.

The adjuster inside can be adjusted to the head circumference to some extent, so the fit was not bad.

Here is how it looks completely after sunset.

It's about 5m away, but thanks to the light of the helmet, you can clearly see that something exists.

When viewed from the front, the headlights of the bicycle have a strong presence, so the helmet light itself gives an extra impression.

After just passing by, I think you can emphasize that you should be careful thanks to the red light.

The light is weaker than the brake lamps of automobiles, but in places where there are few street lights, the existence can be seen even at a distance of about 10 m, so the recognition from the driver will increase.

By the way, it seems that the product is also equipped with an accelerometer, and the brake light automatically responds when it stops suddenly.

Also an emergency alert function

I couldn't try it in detail this time, but "LIVALL EVO21" can use more convenient functions by linking with the application.

For example, if you are more than 1.5m away from the device you paired with the impact, you can send SOS alert text messages and GPS location information to any destination.

Since it is a function that is supposed to fall or accident, even if you can not SOS by yourself, the possibility of being saved will increase.

It may be good to use it for children as well as adults.

The smart helmet "LIVALL EVO21", which can increase its presence by turning on the light, is currently conducting a great campaign on the crowdfunding site machi-ya.

At the time of writing, it was possible to order from 9,800 yen (tax and shipping included), which is 42% off the planned sales price.

If you are interested, please check it out!

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Source: machi-ya

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