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Home Unmanned Infinity "QX50" and the variable compression ratio "VC Turbo" ... 2022 announced USA

Infinity "QX50" and the variable compression ratio "VC Turbo" ... 2022 announced USA

Infinity "QX50" and the variable compression ratio "VC Turbo" ... 2022 announced USA

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Nissan Motor's overseas luxury car brand Infiniti announced on December 8 the 2022 model of the QX50 (INFINITI QX50). Photo: Infinity QX50's 2022 model Infinity QX50 was sold in Japan as a Nissan Skylin Clossover. The current model was world premiere at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2017 in the fall of 2017. The exterior of the current model is that it introduces the latest design language of Infinity and enhances aerodynamic performance. The interior was made of high -quality materials and finished by craftsmen. As a medium -sized premium SUV, we pride it with a spacious cabin space in the top class segment. ◆ Dual touch screen 2022 with wireless Apple CarPlay is equipped with Apple "CarPlay" on all grades. For passengers in the rear seats, it is equipped with a Type C USB charging port, an intelligent key entry that operates in the rear seat door, an LED welcome light of the rear door handle, and an automatic dazzling rear view mirror. The "Infiniti Intouch" infotainment system on the dual touch screen with a wireless Apple CarPlay is 8 inches on the upper side and 7 inches on the lower side. Wi-Fi hot spots can connect up to seven devices. Infiniti Intouch services can use automatic collision notifications and emergency call services. The body color is available in eight new colors of Elmos Blue, Mineral Black, Graphite Shadow, Black of Sidian, Majestic White, Luna Hoir, Dynamic Sanstone Red, and a total of eight Slate gray colors as a new color of the 2022 model. ◆ 2.The 0 -liter in -line 4 -cylinder turbo has a "VC turbo" engine in the maximum output of 268HP 2022 models.The VC Turbo is the world's first mass -produced variable compression ratio engine, which uses a technology that varies between 8 and 14 depending on the driving state.Infinity is 2 of the new generation.This VC turbo technology was introduced to the 0 -liter inline 4 -cylinder gasoline turbo engine.2 with VC turbo.0 liter inline 4 -cylinder gasoline turbo engine is a maximum output of 268HP, maximum torque 38.Generates 7kgm. According to Infiniti, both high output and fuel efficiency are reduced, reducing noise and vibration, and pursuing lightweight compact. Combine a Reb Matching Function when shifting down and a CVT "Extronic" with paddle shift. Optionally, you can select an intelligent AWD system. Intelligent AWD can turn up to 50 % of the driving force to the rear wheels and pursue all -weather reliability. ◆ "Propirot Assist" is standardized as a total grade, and the 2022 model is standardized in a single lane on the expressway, and standardizes the "propylot assist" of automatic driving technology that automatically controls accelerator, brake, and steering operations. did. Propirot assists support drivers in traffic jams and cruising. By using a propirot assist, the driver can stay in the center of the lane, brake and accelerate. This reduces fatigue during long -distance driving. In order to further support the driver, the 2022 model has a blind spot warning, a lane departure warning, a lane prevention, an automatic brake with a pedestrian detection function, a collision warning on the forecast, an automatic brake, and a rear cross -trafficking alert The grade is standard equipment.

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