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「天空の城ラピュタ」は何位だ!? ジブリ映画、人気No.1は○○だった! 企業リリース



A.L.I., a drone demonstration experiment to realize an isolated village support system in Shimanto -cho, Kochi Prefecture

& lt; On January 19, 2022, A.L.I. Technologies (hereinafter A.L.I.) conducted a demonstration experiment in a use case example that seems to be more likely to be used throughout the year from the regional characteristics.Logistics, disaster prevention, surveys, surveying all ...


Is "Mineral Water" good for cats in winter?"Cat tongue" but warms food to human skin

Winter production is January.This year is relatively easy to spend, but it's cold.The cat Me -chan (the cat's name) is answering in a room with an air conditioner, so the warmth is OK.But recently, when I return home, there is little reduction in water ...


EVSMART Blog Electric vehicles and rapid chargers comfortably with Honda E. One day trip to the re -energy power company

The driving plan on the outbound route was a big mistake ... this is not enough.In the car of Honda E heading to Fukushima City, I noticed that the cruising range and time required were calculated.At this rate, at the promised time, I'm still running or charging somewhere on the way ...


How was the most advanced VFX made of the movie "Monkey Planet: Holy War"?Interview with VFX Supervisor Dan Lemon

The reboot version of the "Monkey Planet" series, which depicts a world where human and monkeys coexist, are finally completed!"Monkey Planet: Holy War" released on October 13.I watched it a little earlier, but after watching it, I thought about the turbulent life of the hero monkey, Caesar ...


<VC investment> Coexist with wildlife, challenged by university associate professors, one of the most domestic beast damage countermeasures.Social venture "Uruko" aims to solve birds and beast damage about 15.8 billion yen a year

Project Overview We are a consulting firm specializing in birds and beasts, aiming for "coexistence between wildlife and people."The total damage of birds and beasts nationwide is about 15.8 billion yen per year (Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), and for primary industries and social infrastructure ...


Encountering a disciple is destined.

Every day to work hard to build basic physical strength -I ended up the first place after I started the Araiso room on August 1st.How was it."I had a good lesson in front of the place. Especially the three teens should not be injured now.


Matsushita Electric is founded/WRC champion Valter Roll is born/German prestigious BMW is founded!【What day is it today?March 7]

■ Konosuke Matsushita founded Matsushita Electric Works (now Panasonic) on March 7, 1918 (Taisho 7), founded Matsushita Electric Works.The brand name "National" will be familiar to the Showa generation, but I can't use the national overseas ...


"In search of further stability and maintenance" It was a long time ago that young people who gave up on regional banks inherited the "next workplace" family business.

* This article is a re -edited part of Katsuhide Takahashi's "Great Bank Eruption" (Heibonsha Shinsho).Photo = / Bee32 * The photo is an image (4 pieces) Fostering and securing digital human resources is an urgent issue in regional banks, part of the number of personnel reductions ...


[There is spoiler] The movie "1917 Mission to Life" runs through the WW1 battlefield with one cut.Interview with Roger Dekins, how did you achieve the shooting?

In this era, it is very easy to convey information.It's so easy that you can reconsider it before clicking.However, if the situation was different from the times, it was life -threatening to convey the information.But a word "life" ...


The United States is considering Ukrainian military support

If you choose a de facto "participation" path by providing weapons to the resistance, you will be concerned about the escalating of nightmares in the nuclear war.However, according to the US government and parliamentary officials, the discussion participated in a multinational military exercise held in southern Ukraine ...


Techniques that are directly linked to the manufacturing of nuclear weapons are also leaked.

* This article is Shizu Kitamura, "Information and National Photos = Jiji Communication Photos = January 23, 2006, Investigators of Shizuoka and Fukuoka Prefectural Police, who are searching for a house in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture.See all images (4 pieces) Russian spy is robbing ...


> North defectors are drones and Kim Il Sung statue "Blow" test North defectors in a drone "Blow" test

North Korea's foreign advertising website "Uri Mining Jokkiri (our ethnic groups)" is strongly said that a group of Korean North Koreans is trying to attack the statue of Mr. Kim Il Sengi using an unmanned aerial "drone".I blamed it.Our ethnic groups ...


The leadership theory of leadership that the strongest warlord "Kingdom" speaks in manga and business management terms (Part 1)

What is a business + IT that solves business issues by fusion of IT and management?What is Login Melaga Registration Business + IT?Operating strategy cost reduction organization Reform production / manufacturing crisis management compliance Energy saving / environmental compatible industries / core information system by size ...


This week is straight to spring!That's why pollen ... Fuku Tel Saito Meteorological Forecaster << Now Weather >> March 7

(March 7, 2022, 4:40 pm, but the weather has changed very quickly in the spring. This wind has already subsided on the 7th!A week to move forward. And I don't think I will retreat ...