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Home Article Don't lose school! His online English conversation "Magna Party" team will start his "Children's Learning Support Project" on the morning of February 9th!

Don't lose school! His online English conversation "Magna Party" team will start his "Children's Learning Support Project" on the morning of February 9th!

 Don't lose school!  His online English conversation "Magna Party" team will start his "Children's Learning Support Project" on the morning of February 9th!

The online English conversation "Magna Party", which won the Active Learning Special Category Award, will hold the online gymnastics "Eigo de Mezamashi Gymnastics" for a limited time, which was held in August 2021 and gained popularity. While the new coronavirus Omicron strain is rampant, it will be implemented as a "children's learning support project", so you can participate for free. It is a great exercise that you can learn English phrases every day while adjusting your daily rhythm. Let's take this opportunity to improve your English and physical strength!

Eigo de Awakening Gymnastics

What is "Eigo de Awakening Gymnastics"? >

You can experience a fun exercise that allows you to learn English while returning the rhythm of your child's life. This event will be held online through Zoom. Anyone from anywhere can participate completely free of charge.

Click here for details on "Eigo de Awakening Gymnastics!"



・ Date and time


・ Schedule: 7:00

<<<< 7:00

<<<< 7:15

・ Cast in charge: Native instructor of Magna Party


◆ How to participate

Anyone can participate for free from this Zoom.

Meeting ID: 844 3357 4554

Passcode 191038

Experience-based online English conversation with children who have passed Eiken Level 2 and have mastered 2,500 words (high school). Received the "Active Learning Special Category Award" at the 18th Japan e-Learning Awards. Only Magna Party can learn English effectively in the experience even though it is online!

◆ Feature 1: Because it is an experience type, "to speak quickly and openly"

If you can speak English by reciting a textbook, the Japanese are fluent in English. In the Magna Party lessons, in the adventure story, the children will teach themselves English, not what they say. With role-playing that incorporates this active learning, you will accumulate spontaneous learning experiences and acquire confidence and solid English proficiency.

◆ Feature 2: Words, phrases, and pronunciation are "efficient in games"

I can't remember English in textbooks and vocabulary books ... It's the same for children.

Efficiently learn words and phrases in the game using the English learning app "Magna and the Mysterious Girl" *. Even though they are elementary school students, Eiken Level 2 and Level 3 passers are appearing one after another!

*: Includes 2,800 words / 800 phrases required for daily conversation

休校に負けるな!「子どもたちの学習応援プロジェクト」を オンライン英会話の『マグナパーティ』チームが 2月9日朝からスタート!

The 16th "Japan e-Learning Award" Special Category Award "AI / Artificial Intelligence Special Category Award" winning app.

◆ Feature 3: Skill education is not enough! "Motivation development" by coaching

At the Magna Party, there is a W instructor system for foreign coaches and Japanese coaches. We Japanese tend to have such feelings about English that we don't want to fail and that we have to follow the textbook. It is the voice of the bilingual Japanese coach during the lesson that helps to remove the mental block. In addition, Japanese coaches who love children and have experience studying abroad / living abroad will be good role models for children and help them find goals for learning English.

In addition, there are lots of projects and events that will make children immerse themselves in learning English!

・ By using the app together, elementary school students can learn English words at high school level in the shortest and fastest way!

・ If you improve your English in the lesson, show it to everyone at the recital!

▼ Experience-based online English conversation "Magna Party"

・ "Magna Party" official website

・ Click here for the growth process of children

* Because the service started in September 2020, the state of growth in 4 to 8 months is disclosed. Please take a look at the changes in communication skills, including how you feel confident and your facial expressions.

▼ Click here for free trial lessons. A premium English conversation experience that can only be done here.

▼ Why does the experience-based online English conversation "Magna Party" improve your English?

【Company Profile】

Company name Fan Fun Learning Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Yuto Yamanaka


Business description Development of English learning programs, planning and management of English workshops,

<<< Planning and sales of English learning goods, etc.

Official website:

[For private cram schools and educators who teach English individually]

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